Translating A Photo Into A Portrait

Portrait painting – What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you look at the walls of your new house? To have a portrait of your own or your family or may be your kids or a couple photo. But there are many hiccups in the way to get it done- Where to find the artist? Where is the time to sit in his studio for such long hours? How to get the whole family there to get a family portrait done?

There is one solution to all these problems!!!

Just send your photo for reference to get it converted into portrait.

Family Portrait

Why digital portrait over hand-made portrait?

  • Digital portrait painting is time saving and cost effective.
  • Digital portrait painting gives you a liberty to choose your best photo to get it made into portrait-that way you have an idea what the portrait will look like beforehand which is not possible if you hire an artist to make your portrait.
  • After sitting in an artist’s studio for long tedious hours, you may not like the end result, then what? Neither he can undo his work nor you have the patience to go through the same tedious regime again. Digital portrait painting can save you from this torture, as you can have as many changes done as you want to get the desired result.
  • In hand-made portrait, an artist has to start right from the scratch . He has to start from drawing your face anatomy as base which not only requires lot of time but also a very skilled artist while in digital portrait, an artist already has a base and he just has to give master strokes to convert it into a beautiful art piece. It is time saving and guarantees precise and accurate end result.
  • Next best thing about digital portrait painting is – it is a precious and pocket friendly gifting option. If you really want to gift your near and dear ones with a gift on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or house warming ceremonies, that they will cherish for life , then what is more unique than a portrait. It has a surprising element to it as you just need to have photo of your relatives, which you can easily get from facebook or instagram, and get it transformed into a portrait without letting them have any idea about your gift which is not possible in hand-made portrait.

Portrait V/s Framed Photo : 

You might be having a thought that why to get a photo transformed into a portrait when the same photo can be simply framed and hung on walls ? True….. but a simple framed photo can never render the same classic and artistic touch to your walls which a portrait does. The sheen and color-vibrancy that an oil portrait painting reflects is not possible with a framed photo.

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