Portrait Painting – A Traditional Demand of Modern Days

Portrait Painting , Portrait Painting India

If you can recall, in a traditional form of portrait art, our ancestors stand/sit and pose for a long hours just to have an excellent portrait painting. The painters had to get their image as accurately as possible. Indeed, the process was definitely difficult and tiresome, but the end artwork was considered as a special.

Nowadays, because of the development of photography, availing of your personal portrait painting is more convenient and time saving. This is the twist for a better change.

Why portrait painting is still in demand?

Convenience to both Artist and Costumer
The modern process of portrait painting is far different from the traditional one. You are not required to pose for long hours just to have the perfect portrait painting. Just upload your favorite photograph and let the artist do the task. The concept is very convenient, and the result is outstanding …….a modern approach but…

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